By: Arshad M Ramjaun

Tips For Buyers before hiring an Agent

Tags: 13 strategic questions to ask a Buyer Agent to find out if the agent is the right one for you


1/ How many years of experience do you have as a Real Estate Agent?
2/ What did you do before you became a Real Estate Agent?
3/ Why should I hire you as my agent?
4/ How do you find listings?
5/ How can you help me get pre-qualified?
6/ What type of experience do you have in neighborhoods X, Y and Z?
7/ How many homes in the $XXX price range have you bought for clients?
8/ Do you specialize in a particular type of dwelling (ex: Condo, Townhouses, Semi-Detached or Detached)?
9/ How do evaluate comparables?
10/ How do you pre-screen and inspect listings on my behalf?
11/ How many listings will we see together before I can find the right home?
12/ How do you approach an offer?
13/ How will you negotiate on my behalf?


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