Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Justin & Rehana

Recently, my wife and I sold our condo and purchased a new home with Arshad. When meeting with him, we quickly built a great rapport - one which involved trust and comfort. He took the time to understand who we were and what we were looking for. During the entire process, Arshad remained very informative and answered all of our questions with genuine and thorough responses. His marketing strategies and knowledge of the housing market were instrumental when selling, and purchasing our new home. Arshad understood our needs and steered us in the right direction. His professionalism and great nature made the process stress-free and very enjoyable, all while keeping our best interests at heart. His spectacular work ethic is like no other. We HIGHLY recommend Arshad for all of your housing needs. Whether you are buying or selling, Arshad Ramjaun is the person to trust. Thank you Arshad for being a great agent, but most importantly a great person. My wife and I will continue to trust in you and recommend you to family and friends.

By: Parvashee

It was a great pleasure working with Arshad. Selling and buying can be very stressful if you do not have the right person to help you. At first, I was a bit skeptical due to the pandemic, but with his extensive knowledge of the market, Arshad explained and reassured me that everything will be fine. Indeed, my condo got sold within 2 days on the market at an overasking price. Even the purchase went very smoothly. He has very good marketing strategies and great professionalism. Any questions, he's on top of it,. He also has a great team of people who have made the sale and purchase proceedings go hassle free. He will definitely be there for you even after the closing and as he has a great network of other professionals he will be a able to connect you to them. I would highly recommend Arshad to anybody who is looking into buying or selling a property.

By: Jaya and Herman

When we decided to sell our condo to move to a new home, little did we know how quickly and seamless this process would go until we met Arshad, whom a good friend of ours who had a very good experience referred him to us. Arshad is a class above in the work he does. He is so passionate, knowledgeable and always there to answer any questions that we had at any time. His professionalism, negotiation skills and relationships with his customers amazed us. He made us feel so comfortable and confident in every step of the process. He is someone you can trust as he educates you throughout the process and takes the transactions as his own in the best interest of the clients. Arshad’s motto is “Honesty is the best policy” and we have witnessed this for sure all throughout our journey with him. Our condo went on the market and was sold within 3 days over asking. We were so happy that we found what we were looking for and managed to secure an offer within a week of selling thanks to Arshad’s professionalism and great negotiation skills. Thank you will never be enough to describe our gratefulness and how impressed and lucky we were to have come across an awesome realtor and great person that you are!! We wish all the very best for a successful career and will for sure recommend your work to other people.

By: Nadeem & Samiihah

We are very greatful for the amazing work Arshad has done for us. We sold our house with Arshad and at the begining of this journey, we were hesitant and scared as we did not know the process. However, from the very first call to Arshad, he made this journey become very smooth and easy. He has always kept our best interest at heart. Arshad has very good knowledge of the market and used his marketing strategies and technics to sell our home at the right price. He is a very down to earth person, a great communicator and he always maintains the highest level of professionalism. Working with Arshad was an amazing experience, he is not just an agent for us but has become a very good friend. We highly recommend him to any one who is planning to buy and sell as he is fully dedicated to his job and clients. Nadeem & Samiihah

By: Riyad & Shaheen

We recently sold our property with Arshad, who was highly recommended by many friends. The experience we had with Arshad was above and beyond our expectation from any Realtor. Arshad is extremely professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He is very down to earth and made us feel comfortable all the way. He took time to carefully listen to us and would thoroughly respond to our questions at anytime, while ALWAYS keeping our best interests at heart. He made the whole process seem so easy and would constantly reassure us along the way. He’s the kind of person who would under promise and over deliver. He definitely knows how to make things happen. Within only one week, our property was beautifully staged and photographed, strategically listed on the market and sold OVER asking price, at a time where the market was relatively slow. What we like best about Arshad is his strong sense of commitment, open communication, and his strong work ethic. He would constantly communicate every piece of information with us to ensure that we are comfortable with the entire process and would guide us in making an informed decision whenever needed. We will definitely rely on him for all our future real estate needs. Working with Arshad has been an amazing experience and it is without any doubt that we highly recommend him to anyone willing to buy/sell a property and make their dream come true!

By: Richard & Hyun-Young

When we first met Arshad as a potential agent for selling our home we were impressed with his professionalism and positive outlook, and we both felt that he could be the right fit for us. Having now completed the process of selling our house and finding a beautiful new one for us, we are sure we made the right decision in choosing Arshad to be our agent. His energy and encouragement during the whole process was invaluable to us as first time sellers. We were particularly happy with his quick responsiveness at all times with our questions and concerns, with honest and clear opinions on the best course to take. He helped us with many suggestions and recommendations to get the whole house into the best possible condition to appeal to buyers. His diligent efforts and assistance, right from when we made the final decision to sell, through to the house search, purchasing, and closing, was over and above our expectations. And in both the buying and selling process his superior communication, knowledge and negotiation skills made sure we got the best price for our house as well as a very good deal on our purchase. We would wholeheartedly recommend Arshad to anyone interested in selling or buying a new house.

By: Ryaan C & Riz A

I recently had the pleasure of working with Arshad on a real estate project and if you guys were to ask me how it went, in one word, I would simply say “WOW”. You know there is a saying that has been around for a while now. It goes by the title “10 things you need to do before buying your dream home” but I only had to do the first action listed, which was to choose Arshad, and he undoubtedly took care of the remaining 9. That’s how my process of buying and selling went through with him. Needless to say, no one situation is ever perfect to buy and sell in the real estate industry. What I thought was impossible and deemed “not ready” was changed to a world of endless opportunities and positivity! In less than 2 months, I ended up making a decision I waited for 7 years and that was buying the property I always wanted..all thanks to Arshad. He single-handedly looked after all the steps involved with the sale and purchase of my property, always on top of everything, and with a solution to all concerns that came up during the process! I commend his hard work, honesty, open communication and without forgetting his availability as an agent, your personal real estate agent, in what can be an otherwise very stressful process! Thank you for everything! Now let’s get back to enjoying the new house!

By: Karlene R. H.

Our home was on the market for five (5) months with another agent but didn't sell. Arshad was recommended to us by our niece and we're so happy we met with him as we were very impressed by his presentation, his knowledge and professionalism right away. He sold our home in less than two (2) weeks for top dollars. Arshad never over promised anything but he just delivered results beyond our expectation. His customer service is unique and he's also a full-time realtor who has always been there for us. We could feel real estate is his passion and not a side business for him. Arshad always tells the truth and has excellent negotiation skills. He went out of his way to make sure everyone's happy. In the future, we will always use Arshad as our realtor and we would also highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great agent to sell their home or to purchase one!

By: Feizal & Nasima

We would like to thank Arshad for the hard work and dedication in selling our home. Arshad works very fast and within a few days my home was beautifully staged and was ready to go on the market. As a Full Time realtor, Arshad is very passionate and knowledgeable. He uses his professional marketing strategies and great negotiation skills to sell our home for the best price and within a few days only, our home was sold OVER ASKING. We are very grateful for this. We would definitely recommend Arshad to anyone who is selling or buying a property. Wishing you all the best in your career! ~ Sellers Cedarglen

By: Harsha & Rishi

Arshad is top notch. He is extraordinarily in tune with the market, and provides insight in all aspects of buying/selling a home. The experience I had with Arshad was above and beyond what was expected of any Realtor. He went the extra mile to make the process seem seamless. Arshad acted as if the transaction was his and not mine. I could not ask for a better Realtor. Arshad and his team at Re/Max handled the sale of our home beautifully. Thoughtful pricing, professional marketing, staging, photography and ultimately Arshad's personal involvement in networking with potential buyers produced a sale in amazingly very short time. I know I can always count on Arshad to respond quickly to my inquiries/questions. My experience with Arshad was by far the best. I cannot recommend Arshad Ramjaun and Re/Max more highly. I'll be recommending him to everyone I know. Arshad is by far one of the easiest people to work with. He has tons of positive energy, which you don't quite see in many people. His work is by far one of the greatest I've seen and it was definitely a pleasure getting to work with him.

By: Irshad T ~ First Time Home Buyer

Arshad was a pleasure to deal with for our purchase. He was professional, very responsive and went the extra mile to help us in finding our first property. The purchase went smoothly and i can genuinely say that my wife and I couldn't be happier with the service we received. Arshad's efficiency and enthusiasm kept things moving all the time. He gave invaluable advice and support which was very important since we were first time home buyers. It was great to work with him. He is efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him!

By: Indra

"We can not thank Arshad enough for all he has done through out the entire process of both selling and purchasing our new home. Arshad worked around our busy schedule and took the time to listen to what we wanted in a new home. He didn't waste our time and only showed us homes that he knew we would like. Arshad was professional, knowledgeable, and great at negotiating. He assisted us every step of the way. It was great doing business with him and i would highly recommend him to anyone!"

By: Jave & Neerusha

Hey Arshad, Its been two weeks now since we've move into our home, as first time buyers. I can't express enough my gratitude to you. All things are meant to be :) , and I'm so glad you were my agent. The last two months has been quite stressful for me and my wife, but with you around, everything went smooth and beyond what we've thought it would go. Thank you for your tire less efforts to find us that such a great home which fits all our need as we were looking for. We could not have done this without all your hard work, counsel, positive attitude and commitment to us. We spoke more to you over the past two months than with our friends and families combined ! And we always felt like your most important clients. We could not be more pleased !! This was a good yet emotional time as I close a chapter of my life. We thank you heart fully, for being there pushing us, and putting up with me !!! :D (p.s) - the devotion and understanding you have for your clients will take you far. I really can't express enough positive words about the kind of person you are. Thank You

By: Imraan

First impression is the last impression. We were a first time home buyer and destiny made us meet Arshad who was referred to us by a friend. We were quite uncertain on how to proceed and how to jump in the market of finding our dream house. To be honest, Arshad is one of a kind that will push to his maximum to make his client happy. He tackled any situation and made us so comfortable and stress free. He is very committed to his job and very professional. Every time we needed him for any clarification he was there to answer any silly questions we had . He knows his job very well and from start to finish he kept on saying “ leave all your burden on me , I will handle them don't worry” . Within three weeks, everything was done and closing went so smoothly and we landed in our dream home. In a nutshell we can say, Arshad is very professional, patient, person of trust, challenge any situation, personal touch, great negotiator and very devoted to his work. We can rate him a 10+ and highly recommend him. Thank you for all your support Arshad!

By: Ved and Madhvi Seehury.

Arshad is a very professional, confident and results focus realtor leading to customer satisfaction. We sold and purchased our new home with Arshad and he went the extra mile for us to get our dream home . He's very experienced and knowledgeable. He has been working with us hand by hand, steps by steps with all his dedication. We have been talking and discussing about offers at anytime ; there was no time restrictions. Arshad was great providing guidance before we decide to go ahead and provided great continuous support during and after the sale/purchased were completed. Arshad is honest and listens to clients, which make customers feel to be in great hands. Overall, our experience was outstanding. We fully recommend Arshad for All your real estate needs.

By: Faiza R.

Arshad is an excellent Realtor,he sold our house in a short time and also got us the one that we really like.He is very professional, honest, hard working and fun to work with. He keeps his promises and deliver outstanding results. Arshad is very patient and he took the time to understand our needs and he met all our expectations. When you work him you feel like a stress free person. We are happy that we met with him as he's so pleasant to do business with. Our experience with Arshad could not be better, he's just outstanding and went beyond our expectation. We Will always recommend him to all our friends and relatives.Thank you Arshad.?? keep it up!

By: Sheila V

I met Arshad 4 years back, I was impressed by his passion for Real Estate, the knowledge he had about the market. On that day he provided me insights of the Real Estate world, a world that I knew nothing about. I will never forget his words “WHEN you intend to buy a house, remember to contact me”.At that time I was a newly arrived immigrant and he was so positive about me owning a property one day. Every time I thought of buying, Arshad will come to my mind. When I was finally ready, I reached out to him and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Throughout the whole process he impressed me. The reasons to choose Arshad as your Real Estate Agent are: He is an Educator- He educated me before I start the home purchase process, of all that implies when buying a property. It helped me in my decision making process. He is Diligent- He searched for specific listings and saved lots of my time. He is Swift – Within one week I got my Condo apartment at the location that I dearly desired. He is a great Negotiator- he negotiated twice for me without me asking him, he won both negotiations (he is born winner). Professionalism: He is very professional he will follow-up with all the parties concerned to ensure that the process goes on smoothly. Whenever I had questions he would answer them swiftly or channel me to the right person. Positivity-Arshad has an awesome level of positivity which is contagious. He will motivate you and support from begining till the end of the purchase process. An amazing human being- last but not the least Arshad is a genuine and great friend that you can have.He has great sense of humour which will brighten your day. I highly recommend Arshad!

By: Cheryl W.

In my dealings with Arshad in the selling and buying of my home, i have found him to be reliable, confident and professional. I can safely speak for his integrity and honesty in handling my affairs. I felt that he respected me as a client and went over and beyond in my best interest...which came natural for him. He is people-oriented and i would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is interested in the buying and selling of their home.

By: Wasseem M.

To grab a home for the value of $2.5M in a prime luxury location among many potential buyers shows a lot about Arshad. He took away all my stress and not only got me the best deal but he made this a very pleasant journey for me. As a first time buyer, he walked me through the whole process and always gave me his honest opinions and advices for my best interest. Arshad doesn't like to waste time, he just makes things happen! I cannot say enough about the expertise, attentiveness, warmth, honesty and professionalism Arshad brought to this process. I would definitely recommend Arshad as your real estate agent!

By: Obafemi

Arshad knows his onions. He was able to get me a top-notch condo apartment in my most desired neighbourhood in a short period of time against the odds of a crazy real estate market and surge in housing demand in this summer of 2019 when I recently came to Canada. Arshad is professional, has the interest of the client at heart, very friendly, very amenable and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I strongly recommend Arshad as a dependable and reliable agent for all real estate deals.

By: Ashley K.

Arshad is professional, knowledgeable, and a good negotiator, he has great follow-up and has a get-it-done attitude. he is honest, upfront and has integrity. He has a no fuss and no drama attitude. You want to use a Realtor who knows the complexities of housing market very well. He has constantly communicating with us and answered all our questions. Based on the experience we had with Arshad for which we cannot thank him enough, I would strongly recommend Arshad if you want to purchase or sell your home. He will with no doubt handle all the details and reduce all your stress.

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